Feminist Dinosaur

I've come to understand that radical feminism is considered to be an outdated, old-fashioned movement that has no relevance to today. The patriarchy would say that, wouldn't it?

Name the Agent

What we have with women like one “Lori Adorable” a so-called “radical & sex-radical feminist” is an inability to name the agent.  
Women, colonized under patriarchal society learn pretty quickly that despite the fact that it is men raping, using and killing them that they’d better not mention the mere fact that it is men doing it because that will make the men angry.

So what these women do is instead go after the few feminists who don’t give enough of a fuck about men’s fee fees to actually really talk about what is going on and who is doing what to whom.  

This makes them feel like they’re really doing something and really changing the situation they’re in because the men will stop focusing all their hate on women like them and essentially turn their attention to the haggardly witches who wouldn’t give two fucks if all men were drop-kicked off the planet.

So yeah, even though there are ZERO cases of radical feminists murdering, let alone raping a prostituted woman they’ll still come after us because you know, sex workers rights or something…

  • 17 August 2012
  • 38